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It's all about your images

We are your image researchers, your image buyers, your consultants for image rights, your experts for licensing and archiving. And we get you in shape for the professional handling of images – in scope of our Bildbeschaffer seminars.

In short: we are your Bildbeschaffer (image sourcers) with the full panoply.

We've been working with images and their rights since the last millennium. Back then with data storage devices and printed picture catalogues. In almost two decades, we have now grown up, made countless experiences, gained knowledge, met people.

From the Hamburg quarter Karolinenviertel we are networked with photographers and agencies around the world – and this in a way that you can concentrate totally on other important things. Promised! Get to know us or give us a call straight away.

Our motto: We keep you
free for other things

Many parts of this website are written in German only. So, if you can, please read here the news directly out of the Bildbeschaffer Cosmos:

Tipps & Tricks: Jahresplanung 2018

Wednesday, 11.10.2017 |

Budgetieren Sie die Aspekte Bildkosten/-lizenzen, Datenbank/-verwaltung und Dienstleistungen wie Recherche, Einkauf und Rechteklärung? Dann lassen Sie uns reden!


Thema des Monats: Privat, Presse, werblich?

Wednesday, 11.10.2017 | Thema des Monats

Auf dem Fotografen-Festival von EyeEm diskutierten wir in einem Vortrag ein brisantes Thema: Ab wann wird ein Privatbild zum Pressefoto oder kommerziellen Verkaufshit?


Agentur des Monats: Naruto bei Danita Delimont

Wednesday, 11.10.2017 | Agentur des Monats

Was für ein Affentheater! Erinnern Sie sich an das Makaken-Selfie, das über diverse Medien und soziale Netzwerke um die Welt ging? Die Geschichte hat jetzt erst einmal ein Ende gefunden.


No license is unknown, no source too far

Our network reaches from Helsinki to Cape Town, from Hong Kong to Seattle. We know people with great pictures everywhere: agencies, photographers, communities and many other sources. There we search and find for you, no matter in which dimensions, no matter what objective. And we know all license models of this world, we know how to handle them. You can rely on us.